Zomba Plateau

Zomba Plateau is a wonder, a one-off feature, it is an upland area of forest and farmland, it occupies a total area of about 130 square km. It rises from the surrounding plain and is an oasis of beauty and calm. Zomba Plateau is radically different from what surrounds it – it is cooler, it has rare varieties of plants, it offers some breath-taking views, and is a haven of seclusion and peace.

Zomba Plateau forms part of the Shire highlands that run from the southern end of Lake Malombe. At 2087 metres above sea level, it’s a wonder to see and visit.

Zomba Forest Lodge

Zomba Forest Lodge is a colonial cottage nestled into Zomba mountain. If you want intimacy and a cosy relaxed atmosphere, then here is the perfect destination for you.

Sunbird Ku Chawe

Situated within a forest, Ku Chawe Inn is a wonderful retreat that sits on the edge of the Zomba Plateau. With panoramic views of the valley.

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