Wildlife & Bird Safaris in South-eastern Africa

African travel is full of endless opportunities for exploration, discovery and once in a lifetime experiences; arguably the most popular of these activities that people come to Africa for is a wildlife safari.

Our region of South-eastern Africa is littered with exceptional national parks that aren’t plastered across the global media. We have searched far and wide for the hidden gems that offer dense wildlife concentrations, heavenly scenery, fantastic accommodations and no crowds.

Our expertise in this area means that we can cater for everyone, whether you’re on a tight budget, looking for luxury, honeymooning, part of a group or on a family holiday. Venture into the wilderness trundling along the dirt tracks of Africa in a game drive vehicle as you stalk a pride of lions, ramble through the bush on a walking safari to admire the finer details of nature, or glide up stream on a boat safari to get a different perspective and gaze at the birdlife and animals that come down to the river to drink.

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