Tight lines everyone – add an extra element to your holiday with a spot of fishing (or make it the sole purpose of your trip, as many of our clients do!), catch and release of course. If you’re up for a relaxing day on the boat with your family or a group of friends, try a little tiger fishing on the Zambezi River. Bask under a shade cloth as you drift down-stream, watching the elephants, hippos and other wildlife around you – pop a beer, flick that rod over the side and wait for the ‘zzzzzzzz’ of the line, telling you you’ve got a bite. Suddenly everyone leaps into action, and you fight with all your might to land that record fish, and when it does its signature ‘jump and flick’ out of the water, you’ve already weighed it up in your mind and will stick to that weight when you recount the story, regardless. If you’re keen for something a little more high-gear, the deep-sea fishing in Mozambique is exceptional. Go out for the day, pack a lunch and just head for the blue. Make sure you’ve done some push-ups in advance because those sea fish won’t come easy.

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